Mickey Mouse Christmas Pocket Placemat


I am sneaking in an extra blog post for you this week because I just had to share this cute Disney pocket placemat with you all!

The pattern isn’t mine, it was designed by the brilliant Lorrie Nunemaker and she also filmed an AWESOME tutorial.

Mickey Mouse pocket placemat

I added a snap to my pocket rather than a button because a) it looked cute b) I hate sewing buttons on 🙂 I knew that mine would be going through the washing machine so needed something that would survive several washes.

My note after making it is that it is very large! I think if I had my dining table at full capacity with 8 guests, the placemats wouldn’t all fit. You could take a piece of paper, lay it on your table and work out which measurement would work for you. Don’t worry, it won’t alter the method.

Please note: Lorrie is always happy for you to make her projects to sell on Etsy etc but I have used a Disney fabric and it is for personal use only.

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Classic Mickey Mouse Fat Quarters 4 Pack

Six Penny Memories Vlieseline H640 Fusible Volume Fleece-2 metres No Colour

Six Penny Memories Vlieseline H640 Fusible Volume Fleece-2 metres

Threaders Snap Fastener Tool Set No Colour

Threaders Snap Fastener Tool Set

Sheeting Polyester Cotton Grey


My Son doesn’t care that it’s not Christmas yet, he’s bagged this one as his own and wants to use it straight away!

Thanks so much for gathering, have fun creating.

Esther XX

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