Cricut Maker Gingerbread House


Today’s project uses the awesome Cricut Maker. It’s a slightly more involved project BUT not difficult if you follow the instructions.

Cricut Design space

I didn’t use the yellow card as I inserted battery candles inside my house.

Everything you need is listed within the file and you also get full instructions which you can print out for reference.

Cricut Maker Gingerbread house

This house is decorated on each side!

Side view

Some helpful info:

  • The cuts on the white card are intricate! I selected Cardstock for Intricate cuts for my material. Test your cardstock with a small intricate first – don’t waste a whole sheet by having the wrong setting.
  • Fold and burnish your score lines well.
  • Lay all of your cut pieces out BEFORE you start glueing – familiarise yourself with the pieces and how the are assembled.
  • I used a holographic glitter on the snow pieces. i.e in the window frames and the icicles.
  • I would recommend using a hot glue gun to attach the roof.
  • If you score along the base (at about 3″ is fine) and only glue one side you will be able to insert battery candles.

If you need any help please do ask!

Once you’ve assembled your house decorate to your heart’s desire – so much fun!

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