Cricut wine glass project

Wine glass – ‘Mama Juice’ with Cricut.


I have a wine glass Cricut Vinyl project for you today – well it is Saturday evening as I type this!

Wine glass with cricut

Grab your supplies!

Stemless Wine Glass ( mine is from TKMaxx)

Cricut Silver Permanent Glossy Vinyl 12 x 48 Inches

Cricut machine


Transfer Tape

Weeding Tool

Rubbing Alcohol

Wine (optional) 🙂

Where to buy

The following contains affiliate links
Shop for Cricut in US and Canada
Shop for Cricut In the UK

Design Bundles Mama Juice


Wash your glass

Use rubbing alcohol on the area your vinyl will adhere to


Vinyl is very sticky! So be sure and confident in your placement.

Put your glass on a steady surface, and I find it easier to stand up while I apply to give me a better angle to work from.

Snipping into the transfer tape will help it stick smoothly on the curves of the glass.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Drink responsibly my friends.


Esther XX

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