2017-2018 Catty Ribbon Share

We all know what it’s like, you see the new catalogue and want it ALL!! For many reasons that’s not practical for most of us!!

The great news is, I’m offering you a Ribbon share. What does that mean?
I’ve just made it much more affordable to have a little bit of everything! Once ordering closes I will cut each roll into 2.2m lengths (Copper trim will be 2.3) and send them to you to enjoy 🙂

Postage is £2 and 50 pence per each additional share.

These are the ribbon shares on offer:

2017-2019 In Colour 1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon (2.2m each of 5 colours) £7.55
1/2″ Gingham Ribbon (2.2m each of two colours) £3.38
1/4″ Double-Stitched Ribbon (2.2m each of 3 colours) £4.53
1/4″ Ombre Ribbon (2.2m each of 3 colours) £4.53
3/8″ Classic Weave Ribbon (2.2m each of three colours) £4.53
3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon (2.2m each of 4 colours) £7.01
1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon (2.2m each of 4 colours) £6.04
1/4″ Copper Trim 2.3 metre share £2.75
3/8″ Shimmer Ribbon (2.2m each of 4 colours) £6.04
1/8″ Sheer Ribbon (2.2m each 4 colours) £5.31
3/8″ Mini Chevron Ribbon (2.2m each 3 colours) £6.04
5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon (2.2m of 4 colours) £7.01
3/8″ Metallic-Edge Ribbon (2.2m each in 2 colours) £3.02
3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (2.2m each in 5 colours) £7.55

Ordering will close Friday 2 June 2017, to confirm your share email me at:
estherboulter@gmail.com and I’ll confirm your total and provide payment details.

Esther xx

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